Meditation and Yoga-Beginners Course L1 Brisbane2019
In the foundational 7 week course you learn meditation techniques and yoga postures for physical and mental health. Create your personal yoga and meditation practice with this ancient yet powerful science of wellbeing.

Meditation and Yoga L1, Coburg, Melbourne
In this foundational 6 week course you learn meditation and yoga postures for physical and mental health and wellbeing. This covers the basic practical as well as theoretical knowledge you need to create a personal yoga practice.

International Yoga Week 2019
Join us, one of the oldest classical schools of yoga, for a few hours of yoga and meditation.

Yoga and Meditation in Katoomba
A practical introductory session on how to deal with the stresses of life. A holistic approach to understanding and overcoming life's challenges.

Ananda Mela 2019
In 37th festival we continue with the exciting "Green Me Locally" open forum day on the 5th January with internationally known speakers. Enjoy 5 days of music, workshops, meditation, yoga, delicious vegetarian meals and more.

Fundraising for Mozambique Cyclone Relief
An AMURT team is responding to the call for assistance as a result of two consecutive cyclones flying through the area of Beira and Northern Mozambique. Enjoy some good food and entertaining music and help the recovery effort.

The Ananda Marga Sectorial Summer Conference 2019
Namaskar and a warm welcome to the Ananda Marga Suva Sectorial Summer Conference. The theme for this conference is Spirituality and Social Change. Enjoy the bliss of kiirtan, sadhana and satsaung in the vibrated surroundings of Anandapalli.

The Ananda Marga Suva Sectorial Mid Year Conference 2019
Namaskar, The AMPS Unit of Sydney warmly invites you to this year’s Mid Year retreat & conference to held at the Karuna Retreat Centre, Katoomba.