Yoga Practice - Level 2 Adelaide - Six weeks

  • Venue: Adelaide
  • Dates: 7/09/2016 - 12/10/2016
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Following on, is the level two course that takes you deeper into an amazing experience of yourself. Here you begin to gain depth in the practice of yoga postures, deep relaxation and learn to shift the paradigm from a fully externalized reality to one that shares the focus between the external and internal.  The yoga postures help you achieve this shift.

The Level 2 postures together with your own personalised meditation technique moves you further along the path to a new mind body harmony. Here you become competent in the art of deep relaxation. We also discuss and understand stress and its management using practical yogic techniques. You learn how to use mental techniques to shut off and withdraw externalized energy and focus it to support wellbeing.

With sustained practice these postures begin to exert a deepening effect on all bodily functions as well as the mind. You will notice positive changes in your habits and responses not only influencing the body but also your entire personality.  You begin to develop a commitment to regular practice and enjoy far reaching benefits.