Meditation & Yoga - Level 3 Brisbane - Six weeks

  • Venue: Brisbane
  • Dates: 19/10/2016 - 30/11/2016
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Progressing through the next six weeks, you learn subtle yet powerful techniques to shift the state of mind to a new, fresh awareness of connectedness with your own Self. You will have developed a personal practice of postures, deep relaxation and internalized focus. Now, for you, yoga is so much more than physical postures. Because of your regular practice you have now become an exponent of an ancient technique of impacting on the state of mind using subtle yet powerful meditative techniques

This has now become a lifestyle for you as you enjoy the deeper aspects of this profound practice. You start to experience changes in the way you respond to life. You begin to perceive the calm vital energy that is stimulated through your body in each of the postures. You begin to understand the depth your meditative techniques embody.

As you develop the consistent and regular practice, you learn the importance of keeping focus on our goals and practice with confidence. Concentration is a preliminary practice for meditation, observing the body, mind and senses. Techniques at this level help you to develop your ability to consistently hold focus. Controlling and overcoming inner disturbances and restlessness, such as poor concentration, depression is just part of a profoundly transformational journey.