You are warmly invited to this year’s summer conference at Ananda Palli, the ‘Abode of Bliss’. The theme for this conference is Practising Spiritual Ecology

"Human beings led by self-interest have been neglecting ecology at every step. We should remember that the sky and air, the hills and mountains, the rivers and forests, the wild animals and reptiles, the birds and fishes and all sorts of aquatic creatures and plants are all inseparably related to one another. Human beings are an integral part of that vast common society. No one can survive to the exclusion of others, not even human beings...Human beings must be cautious from now on. They must restructure their thoughts, plans and activities in accordance with the dictates of ecology. There is no alternative." Baba

Humanity is moving from rampant environmental destruction to an awareness of the impact of our actions, hence at this conference we follow up from the Mid Year Conference and delve deeply into the movement for change - creating a new society based on dharma.

Workshops will frame the issues facing us, before exploring the movement for ecological balance from different aspects of our lives, both personal and collective. We explore the role of dharma and spirituality in ecological balance. We are continuing the mid year theme of Practising Spiritual Community with the theme of Practising Spiritual Ecology.

There will also be ample opportunity for spiritual practices with daily akhanda kiirtan or sadhana shivir. Join us to start 2020 in the best possible way with inspiration, satsaunga and bliss.

The Summer Conference Organizing Committee

Venue Details
Ananda Palli
Ananda Palli 463 Back Creek Road Severnlea, Queensland 4352, Severnlea, Queensland, Australia
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